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Attorney Lance R. Gallardo is a former Marine and a tenacious attorney dedicated to finding strategies to produce viable solutions to security clearance, veterans law, military law, and immigration and naturalization law concerns.

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Security Clearance

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Attorney Lance Gallardo strives to build strong attorney-client relationships. He understands the stress legal issues can create; they tend to be emotional and intimate and can impact his client’s life, livelihood and future.

By getting to know his clients and their legal goals at the Law Office of Lance R. Gallardo, he is able to better understand the circumstances in each case. He can then craft a plan that incorporates his client’s best interests and aims to achieve success.

As your lawyer, he will make himself accessible, keep you informed on the status of your case, communicate openly and honestly, and treat you with respect.

Former Marine And An Experienced Advocate

As a former Marine officer and judge advocate, attorney Gallardo has a level of knowledge, skill, assertive advocacy and professionalism that few possess. Driven to find effective solutions, he takes a vigorous, strategic approach to each case he represents.

The majority of his practice focuses on helping civilians, including government contractors, engineers, computer programmers, IT developers and other contractors in the technology industry. He also serves those in the military, active and inactive, as well as National Guard and reservists who need security clearance. Attorney Gallardo understands the complexity of security clearance and can help clients with initial applications and denials. He will diligently guide you through an SF-86 application form to ensure accuracy and avoid mistakes or delays.

In addition, attorney Gallardo represents clients with veteran’s benefits, assistance, military law and immigration law. As the spouse of an immigrant, he has personal experience and insight into the immigration process. He will advocate for your voice to be heard and fight to protect your rights and freedoms.

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Lance R. Gallardo

Lance R. Gallardo


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