Securing Your Rights, Freedom And Future Through Effective Advocacy

Only A Veteran Can Understand The Pressures You’re Under

If you are a veteran or military member, you are now – and always – under unique pressures that civilians simply don’t understand. When there are legal complications in your life, you’ll want help from someone who’s been there. You will want to know that you can trust your lawyer.

Attorney Lance Gallardo is a former marine. He’s seen the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ) difficulties facing active-duty service members. He’s overcome the mountains of red tape keeping veterans away from their benefits. At the Law Office of Lance R. Gallardo, he’s here to fight to get his clients in Santa Clarita the assistance and defense they deserve.

Securing Your Benefits

Veterans law is a complex area, and it is the highest of stakes. Veterans suffering from injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) rely on the medical care provided by their benefits. However, there are logistical legal barriers to that care, which attorney Gallardo can help you with.

As a veteran himself, he has firsthand knowledge of the troubles on your plate, and he’s got the strength to assist you in overcoming them. There’s still hope to get you the help you deserve, and Mr. Gallardo can guide you through it.

Protecting Your Rights

Active-duty service members often tend to think of themselves as “government property.” It’s a common joke, because there are many restrictions on what they can and can’t do when they’re in the military. However, they are still U.S. citizens. They still have many rights that must be protected.

Attorney Gallardo wants to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. He wants to help you maintain your status as a member of the U.S. military, and he has the insight and strength to fight for you. Many lawyers have difficulty when working in military courtrooms, but as a former judge advocate attorney, he is not one of them.

Put Your Faith In Lance Gallardo

Few attorneys have the experience and compassion that Mr. Gallardo does to confront the issues facing veterans and service men and women across Southern California. He cares about the struggle that you are experiencing, and he will fight for you as long as you need him to do so.

Call him today at 866-599-6779 or send him an email to learn more about how he can put his dedication and experience to work for you.