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Attorney Lance R. Gallardo Can Handle The Pressure

Your livelihood is how you get by in the world, and any challenge to it –  from a security clearance issue to a Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) concern to an immigration obstacle – is an unimaginable stressor. If the essential cogs of what makes your life work are in jeopardy, you need a lawyer who understands the pressure and is ready to fight for you.

The attorney at the Law Office of Lance R. Gallardo is more than just a skilled lawyer. He’s a former marine and judge advocate. He’s familiar with the highest of stakes. He’s withstood pressures that most people can’t imagine. He will come to your aid today and help you fight to get you control over your life again. Learn more about what sets him apart by reading his bio:

The Fight To Protect Your Clearance

Attorney Lance Gallardo has more than 30 years of legal experience fighting for people in Santa Clarita and across Southern California. He focuses his practice on helping people with security clearance protect themselves.

No one understands the burden of security clearance like a soldier, and Mr. Gallardo has held on to those lessons his entire career. While many of his clients are citizens working in sensitive positions, his personal experience is a benefit to them. There are many challenges that security clearances can face, and he has the skill and experience to meet them.

Working Hard For The People Who Deserve It

Another key aspect of attorney Gallardo’s practice is his work with service members and immigrants. He provides insight and strong representation to soldiers facing a myriad of legal issues under the UCMJ. As a former marine, he’s dealt with many of these issues himself and has a great deal of empathy for his fellow servicemen and women.

For those seeking immigration services, he brings an attentive, strategic perspective to their cases. His three decades of experience have allowed him to learn all about the struggles of applying for visas and securing green cards. He has also experienced the immigration process first-hand, as the husband of an immigrant. He uses this insight to guide you through your issues.

Get Started Today With Lance Gallardo

In all of attorney Gallardo’s time in practice, he’s helped a lot of people and solved a lot of problems. He’ll be on your side and help shoulder your problems the whole way. You will know that a fighter is on your side when you turn to Mr. Gallardo. Call 866-599-6779 or send an email to get started today.