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So Much Depends On Your Security Clearance

As someone with security clearance, you’ve come to understand a lot of unique pressures. In such a position of national trust, your place can feel precarious at times. When clearance challenges happen – and they almost always will – you want to turn to an attorney you can trust.

The Law Office of Lance R. Gallardo has immense experience with issues of security clearance. For 30 over years, Lance Gallardo has stood up for people who have had a range of issues with their security clearances. Before that, he was a marine with many sensitive demands of his own. His background and history as an attorney make him an ideal choice for you when you have any concerns with your background.

SF-86: A Quick Review

The Standard Form 86 (SF-86) is a 40-page national security questionnaire and application. Anyone who wishes to attain security clearance must complete this application accurately and successfully, including the following:

  • Civilian employees, such as diplomats or congressional staffers
  • Government contractors, such as engineers or programmers
  • Active military members in all branches
  • Reservists

Attorney Gallardo can help you with the SF-86 in two ways. He can come to you before you begin your application and consult on any possible issues you have. After an application denial, he also can help you with an appeal to the decision or a reapplication.

Fighting To Keep Your Clearance

Mr. Gallardo is also intimately familiar with the steps you need to take to protect clearance once you’ve attained it. He’s a strong fighter, and if there is a challenge to your clearance, such as a criminal accusation, he can take on the aspects relating to your livelihood.

His diligence and strength in the face of such matters is a major reason why clients from Santa Clarita and across Southern California turn to him with their questions.

Strength. Perseverance. Skill.

In attorney Gallardo’s experience, there is usually a way forward. The path to success may be difficult and lengthy, but if it is there, he will guide you through it. He’s an advocate you can trust to exhaust every option.

Learn more about how he can help you with your security clearance issues by calling 866-599-6779 or sending an email.